Our Services


Telemarketing is the purest form of direct marketing. Salespeople speak directly with prospective customers over the phone or via web conferencing services to explain the merits of your products and services and answer any questions they might have.

Email Marketing

A well-crafted email is a powerful sales tool. Our marketers are experts at creating engaging marketing emails that boost sales and keep your customers informed about developments in the products and services you provide.

Market Research

It’s hard to overstate the value of comprehensive market research. The more you know about your target audience, the easier it is to target them effectively with your marketing. We can show you how to reliably generate high-quality data by utilising the most effective research methods and tools available to your business.

About our Direct Marketing

Our direct marketing services cover marketing methods such as inbound and outbound telemarketing, email marketing, and market research. These marketing types involve communicating directly with individual customers and often have a more personal feel to them. Receiving an email that addresses the recipient by name creates an immediate connection that less direct and broader forms of marketing lack. With the right approach, direct marketing enables B2B businesses to speak directly to key individuals within the organisations they work with. Luther Marketing Group’s team brings decades of experience to the table. We have witnessed the evolution of direct digital marketing first-hand, so we know how to maximise its effectiveness for our clients.


Our Results

Direct marketing presents a unique opportunity for marketers; the chance to speak directly with individual members of their target audience. When used correctly, direct marketing can elicit a direct and immediate response from the recipient. Our marketers have the experience needed to craft messages that will resonate with their intended recipient. Getting the right message delivered directly to a key individual within another business can be much more effective than reaching 100 lower-level workers with a mass-message marketing method. Working with us for your direct marketing will enhance its effectiveness and enable you to achieve more while spending less.