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At Luther Marketing Group, we have the talent and experience needed to boost growth through powerful digital marketing strategies. As a full-service marketing agency, we help businesses manage every aspect of their digital presence and achieve maximum synergy across all their key channels. We are passionate about helping like-minded companies with a commitment to ethics and sustainability realise their full growth potential.

Focus on inclusion

The most successful and exciting businesses are those that embrace diversity and ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. The more homogenised a workforce is, the narrower the range of ideas it will produce. Businesses that strive to be inclusive and embrace diversity have the greatest potential to reach out to and engage with new audiences. From the outset, Luther Marketing Group has been an inclusive and employee-centric employer providing career opportunities for everyone, regardless of their background.

Social responsibility

Unethical business practices might make more money in the short term, but they aren’t sustainable in the long term. Consumers today are more discerning than ever, and they will desert businesses that lack moral character. We are continually evaluating our approach to the wider communities affected by our work and that of our clients. By working with businesses that share our desire to forge a better world through more ethical practices, we can make a real difference to our social impact.


Taking environmental concerns seriously is no longer a fringe position. We don’t regard environmentally sustainable business practices as optional, and we believe every business has a moral obligation to promote sustainability. By making sustainability a core component of our business philosophy, we hope to inspire real, lasting changes in attitudes among our clients and their audiences.

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