Luther Marketing Group was formed in April 2017 by Michael Melhado, the current managing director. Inspired by his previous philanthropic work, Michael decided to create a marketing agency that put ethics at the heart of its philosophy.

In combining his deep admiration of Dr Martin Luther King with two and a half decades of first-hand experience in the digital marketing industry, the Luther Marketing Group was born. As well as his reverence for ethical standards and inclusivity, Michael is also a passionate educator who is eager to share his expertise with clients who share his vision. It’s here that his seven years working as a college IT lecturer prove invaluable.


Luther Marketing Group works with small and mid-sized UK businesses from our base in Walsall to deliver a full range of business to business direct marketing services. We work with businesses throughout the country and act as a local employer of young and disadvantaged groups.

We believe that our experience working with such a diverse range of businesses, coupled with our inclusive-led approach to recruitment and lead generation, enables us to offer much more than most of our competitors. This philosophy isn’t just at the heart of our business; it is also a guiding force in how we engage with our clients and their audiences. We provide inbound and outbound telemarketing, appointment making and lead generation, which are supported by GDPR-compliant data brokerage and data enhancement services.

In 2021, we added several digital services to our portfolio, further enhancing the range of marketing solutions our clients can benefit from. These new additions include SEO management, social media engagement, website design and building, and graphic design services. With our expanded portfolio, we can provide businesses across industries, locations and disciplines with everything they need to market themselves effectively in the digital space.

The senior management team at Luther Marketing Group has more than 35 years of experience between them. In that time, they have worked with numerous vendors and partners on behalf of companies such as Bloor Research, Federation of Small Businesses, Finning UK, Magenta Technology, Midland Telecom, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and XPO logistics.


Our passion for diversity, inclusivity, sustainability and social responsibility defines us and sets us apart from our competitors. It is our firm belief that we can help build a better society through the pursuit of these objectives. To that end, we have two major ongoing initiatives to drive our business forwards in realising these goals. First, we have launched an The Inclusion Post to promote inclusivity and representation of minority ethnic groups in the UK.

The website offers global news, blogs, and insightful articles providing practical advice for individuals and businesses. Secondly, we are migrating our client base and will only work with businesses that actively promote sustainability and inclusion in their company policies.