The Luther LinkedIn Leads System is Guaranteed to
Provide and Maintain at Least 10x Warm
Enquiries Per Week

What is The Luther LinkedIn Leads System?


No campaign will be successful if you are not targeting the correct prospect. Our first step will be to define your ideal customer profile and create a list ready to engage with

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be current and optimised to its maximum potential to encourage confidence with your leads.

Direct Messaging

We will start a campaign to connect endorse, follow and like your prospects, send them a set of engaging messages encouraging them to book a call with you. We will monitor all the replies on your behalf.

HCLP (High Converting Landing Page)

We will create and host a landing page specifically designed to convert your prospects into paying customers.


Although direct messaging is effective, we have found that messaging along with posting on LinkedIn twice a week significantly increases the conversion rate. Nobody likes being sold to straight away this is why we enter a nurture phase and apply the KLT (know like and trust) method In this nurture phase we will create and post on LinkedIn with the following criteria in mind. Teach/Educate Be personable (get behind the scenes). Engagement Posts like nostalgia or get an opinion (Polls) and national whatever day. Part of these sequences of posts we will create pattern interrupt techniques to grab your prospects attention.

Conversion Posts

After creating awareness, we will post conversion posts These can be testimonials, videos, interviews, screenshots or recommendations Using the PAS Framework (Problem Agitate Solution) Followed up with manual direct messaging

Email Outreach

As part of your campaign, we will send 3 emails to 1400 prospects each month Each prospect will be directed to your landing page. Data and email copy is included within the package

Facebook & LinkedIn remarketing

Prospects automatically receive a message on LinkedIn in after visiting your landing page and are exposed to a set of adverts on Facebook We use the LinkedIn insight tag and the Facebook pixel

Remove The Barriers That Prevent Most Businesses From Getting There

Yes, 2x enquiries daily is a simple goal to achieve, although most never get there.

You need a system & process to follow in order to gain growth and stability in your business.

Let’s implement The Luther LinkedIn Leads system  and build a foundation for your business.

The Luther LinkedIn Leads System is the method we employ giving you the foundation you need to grow your business without worrying where the next client is coming from.


This is a 100% done for you service

First, we find your ideal prospects on LinkedIn, we then connect, follow and endorse them expanding your network

The second step is to create engaging posts and publish them on social media twice a week.

We direct your prospects to a high-converting landing page and get them to book an appointment with you.

This is followed up by an email marketing campaign and Facebook re-marketing bringing everything together into a robust regular rhythm of client acquisition.

All done for you

A Consistent “Rhythm” Of 10x New Enquiries Per Week
Will Provide Stability & A Foundation For Growth.

Basic Package

  1. We reach out to your ideal customers on your behalf using your LinkedIn profile.
  2. This will consist of five message and real-time responses to prospect interactions, by real people, not automation.
  3. Dependant on the LinkedIn status and number of connections, we can send up to 75 requests per day. We will also follow, like and endorse your prospects.

This as a stand alone package is £500 per month (min 3 months)


  1. Create and publish 8 posts a month on 3 social channels
  2. Create and host a high converting landing page including contact form and integration into CRM.
  3. Facebook remarketing (does not include advertisement spend – approx. £30 Facebook & £20 LinkedIn per month)
  4. Custom Domain and email address
  5. Compose, setup and automate emails. (Follow-up management -3 emails)

£557 per month (min of 3 months)

Basic + Premium

Full package

All of the above for reduced spend of £957

By 90 days you should expect around 10 leads per week  or 40 leads per month.


*Note Domain & email authority take time to build. A Linked in premier profile will provide the best results.