Our Services

Digital Marketing

Driving qualified traffic to your website and converting them to customers is the ultimate aim of digital marketing.  Many potential customers are interested in what you offer but don’t always have enough information about your business to make a favourable purchase yet. Our team of digital marketers will help your stand out from your competition, increasing the number of visitors to your website and turn more of them into customers.

Website Development

Websites have become one of the main ways for you to communicate your business to potential customers Many business owners are unsure how to make their website stand out from their competition. Our web design and development team work with our clients to build a website that captures their brand values.  Whether this is a brochure site or selling your products directly online, they will build an adapted and scalable solution to fit your vision and ambitions.

Creative Design

Having electronic and printing marketing material that truly reflects your business brand is a crucial part of a sales and marketing professionals toolkit. Our graphic design team use their creative skills to produce logos, brochures, case studies and PR releases that match your branding needs.

Social Media

Social media is a great way of promoting your business to a wider audience, yet many business owners don’t have the time or expertise to creating engaging content and managing their social media channels as well as run their business. Our social media team is on hand to create, schedule and share your brand message on a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Linkedin and Youtube.

 Content Production

Having engaging visual and written content adds value to your business brand and can turbo-charge your sales. Content production is a cornerstone of our digital offering and we support our clients by delivering engaging content that adds value to your audience needs including the process of developing blog posts, videos, eBooks, whitepapers and infographics.

About our Digital Marketing

Digital marketing encompasses an almost endless range of methods and approaches. Its reach is so vast that settling on a single definition can be surprisingly difficult. In practice, any marketing designed to be viewed on a digital screen would come under the digital marketing banner. Luther Marketing Group’s digital marketing services include web design and development, social media management, digital content production, and creative design. The greater the synergy between each component of a business’s digital marketing strategy, the more powerful it is as a whole. For example, creating links between your social media profiles and your main website encourages users to engage with both of them, rather than creating and catering to two distinct groups.


Our results

Digital marketing is essential for any modern business. Even businesses that operate entirely out of brick and mortar establishments need to have a digital presence if they want to grow and reach new audiences. We have the experience needed to help businesses choose the digital marketing channels that are best suited to their needs and get the most out of them. By establishing a strong digital presence for our clients, we ensure they are always visible and always generating interest.