Enabling you to look at your organisation in a new light

Our Services

Marketing Consultancy

Trying to get your marketing campaigns to deliver a tangible Return on Investment can sometimes be overwhelming, especially if you looking to market a new business or product for the first time. Our marketing consultancy team are on-hand to help you stand out from your competition and offer practical hands-on solutions to support your needs.

Inclusion Consultancy

Today, an increasing number of businesses recognise that having a diverse and inclusive workforce provides them with a competitive advantage. Having input from a diverse range of voices has a positive impact on their bottom line and enables them to stay ahead of their competition. Our inclusion consultancy provides support to companies who need support on this journey.

Sustainability Consultancy

Building an environmentally sustainable business is increasingly becoming a moral and ethical necessity. Our team of sustainability consultants support business owners who are keen to protect the health of the planet. Starting with a free health check, they will take your business through a step-by-step process that enables them to make a positive impact on the environment and achieve a strategic advantage by becoming a business that promotes sustainability.

About our Consulting services

When Michael Melhado founded Luther Marketing Group, he had a bold vision for what he wanted the company to be. Having worked as a college lecturer for seven years and being a self-confessed lifetime learner, Michael decided he wanted his business to educate those they worked with. Our consulting services are moulded on the passion and commitment of our founder and his conviction that we can make a real difference through our approach to business. In addition to offering marketing consultancy services, we also provide consulting on inclusion and sustainability practices. Our goal is to inspire other businesses to follow in our footsteps and join our mission to create a brighter future for all.


Our results

Our consulting work has enabled our clients to look at their own organisations and approaches in a new light. We firmly believe that our commitment to inclusivity and social responsibility is a big part of our success. Our clients quickly come to the same conclusion by working with us. Cultivating a more inclusive environment allows businesses to broaden their collective mind. We all have a unique story and perspective, so recognising and acknowledging the value of experiences that aren’t our own opens us up to new ideas and ways of thinking. For any business, this is an invaluable process. Our consultation services help our clients to replicate our success in these areas.