Pipeline Management


Are you looking for a Business to Business lead generation partner that can help generate and manage a pipeline of leads?


For many businesses, managing a pipeline of business to business lead opportunities on a consistent basis can be difficult to sustain over a long period of time. Luther Marketing Group understands the complexities involved in this process and has developed an effective pipeline management system that alleviates the problem for our clients. We develop and then managing the smooth transition of high-quality leads, from the first contact, up to the point when the prospect is ready to be passed over to our clients’ sales team.


Luther Marketing Group comprehensive B2B pipeline management service includes:



  • Building relationships with the right people. Our agents are highly adept at identifying, and building relationships with key people within the decision-making unit. From C-level contacts to large multi-nationals through to directors in brand new start-ups businesses, we are experts at nurturing relationships with approvers, evaluators, influencers, recommenders and potential blockers


  • Building a roadmap of the prospects buying journey. We establish whether they are at the feasibility, gathering information, planning or choosing suppliers stage


  • Details of the prospects business needs. This includes a project description, key business drivers and implications of not completing the project


  • A thorough understanding of the prospect’s  evaluation criteria and details relevant to what they are looking for in a potential supplier


  • A timeline of all key dates and milestones in the project lifecycle with a relevant call to actions. This includes timescales for  meeting potential suppliers, short-list compilation, supplier selection decision and implementation dates


Let Luther Marketing Groups Pipeline management system provide you with the type of opportunities that your business deserves