Outbound Qualified ‘B2B’ Appointment Making

Are you looking for a new standard of quality for new business meetings?


For many companies generating well-qualified business, an appointment is an ongoing problem. Often, companies do not have the resources, time or perhaps even expertise to get their sales team in front of key decision-makers. We at Luther Marketing Group understand these challenges and have developed a highly effective appointment setting service that is helping our clients to get in front of the competition and to the people that matter the most, their customers.

Luther Marketing Group’s comprehensive B2B appointment setting service include:

  • FACE-TO-FACE APPOINTMENTS with key decision makers within your target companies.


  • DETAILED MARKET INTELLIGENCE that can be used for future marketing activities that include:
  • An awareness of your brand
  • A full description of projects including supplier selection and implementation of timescales
  • An insight into competitor penetration within the target market
  • Analysis of the buying cycle and patterns including contract start and end dates
  • A description of the decision-making unit and procurement process


  • FULL DIARY MANAGEMENT. Our agents put meetings directly into a salespersons diary which is supported by an electronic calendar invite to the decision-maker


  • CONFIRMATION CALLING. All appointments generated are confirmed by email and/or text


  • TAILORED REPORTING. We produce customised reports that provide a qualitative analysis of the campaign process


  • DEDICATED ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT. All campaigns are managed by our easily accessible, and experienced team of managers.


  • GDPR COMPLIANT DATA. Our up-to-date data lists are all GDPR compliant and are carefully selected so that we only call companies that could benefit from our client’s services


A consultative, unscripted approach to B2B appointment setting


Luther Marketing Group’s highly effective, consultative and unscripted approach to B2B appointment setting helps our client’s sales team spend less time in the office and more time focusing on building relationships. The benefits of our approach include:

  • Access to a team of highly trained agents who specialise in making these vial appointments for our client’s sales team
  • Deeper, meaningful conversations that result in greater understanding of prospects business challenges and pain joints
  • Tailoring of conversations to the decision-makers based on the information obtained during each engagement that allows free-flowing conversations based on the prospect’s needs.


  • Different types of appointments that are geared around the prospect’s requirements. These include
    • In-depth qualification using BANTA methodology that establishes key business challenges and market intelligence
    • Conceptual opportunities with decision-makers who reveal an appropriate business pain that maps onto our clients’ value proposition.


Let Luther Marketing Group arrange those important meetings for you



Outbound Lead Generation

Are you looking for a lead generation partner?

Luther Marketing Group provides a range of B2B lead generation solutions that enable our clients to engage with the right decision-maker, in the right companies, at the right time. Our consultative, unscripted approach to the lead generation means that your value proposition is presented in a way that allows our agents to fully engage with the prospect, thus allowing for a greater understanding of the prospects business challenges

Take a look at the simple yet effective steps we use to generate more leads for our clients.

Step 1:  We find out what our clients are looking to achieve

Sounds obvious, but Luther Marketing Group works closely with its clients to ensure that before we make that first call we fully understand what their key campaign goals and objectives are. For example, we find out if they are launching a product into a new market or are trying to increase their ‘share of wallet’ in an existing market or maybe they are looking to re-engage with the existing base. We ask lots of questions and offer practical advice and support in order to maximize campaign success.

Of utmost importance to us is that we build sustainable campaigns that produce a return on investment over the short, medium and long-term.

Step 2: Getting the briefing session right

The key aim of this step is to ensure that are our agents are articulate your value proposition in a concise, unscripted and consultative way. Therefore, we will work with you to ensure that the briefing you provide our agents draws out your key sales messages or unique selling points,

Getting the prospect list right

  • As this is one of the most important steps in the process our campaign management team work closely with our clients to source a database that matches your ideal client. This could be your own data that you have had some time or let our data brokerage team find you the right prospects that will help your business to grow.


Who should we be talking to?


  • Working closely with our clients, we build a thorough understanding of the decision-making unit including who identifying who is leading the evaluation, influencers, and recommenders in our pitch


Building an unscripted conversational framework

  • Luther Marketing Group is proud to be an unscripted B2B agency. Our team of highly trained agents fully engage with prospects by using a conversational framework rather than a script, which we develop in conjunction with our clients.

Analyse and refine

  • We build detailed market intelligence in our pitch so that key information is recorded for analytical and refinement purposes. This includes:
    • Insight into your brand awareness within the target market
    • A full description of business pain points and projects initiatives
    • Incumbent supplier information including competitor penetration, barriers to entry and contract start and end dates
    • If applicable, an understanding of the budgetary process, whether it is approval or planning stage. If allocated, what is the agreed amount


Tailored Reporting

  • Our customised reports provide real insight into the campaign progress including quantitative and qualitative information.


Lead quality management

  • At Luther Marketing we believe in quality over quantity and have a thorough quality assurance and control process that ensures that our lead generation campaigns meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. From the campaign outset, we work with our clients to so that clearly define their lead criteria. Once the calling has started, our quality control procedure ensures that the leads generated are of the highest order. We also ‘close the loop’ on the leads that we generate, so our robust quality assurance and quality control campaign management processes help to monitor and maintain the quality of the leads generated.



Pipeline Management


Are you looking for a B2B lead generation partner that can help generate and manage your pipeline of leads?


For many businesses, managing a pipeline of leadership opportunities over the short and long term is vital to their business success. Luther Marketing Group is experienced in taking a potential customer from initial contact, up to the point where they are ready to be passed over as a sales opportunity or appointment.


Luther Marketing Group’s unscripted approach to B2B lead generation lends itself perfectly to understanding where the prospect is on their customer journey. As part of this process, we will identify what stage they are at in the evaluation progress. Are they at the planning stage, gathering information or is the project further along?  Also, we will find out when the evaluation will take place; when they will be meeting with suppliers; when they will be making their final decision and understand of implementation start and end dates.


Also, we will map out all members of the decision-making unit. This includes the person leading the evaluation, the influencers, recommenders and potential blockers.  Our agents are highly adept at establishing and building relationships with decision-makers and influencers in businesses of different sizes. From C-level contacts through to brand new start-ups, we are experts at finding out their business pains and what is of greatest importance to them.




Account Based Marketing


Are you looking to understand the budget initiatives of a smaller number of companies?


Many companies are currently or thinking about planning an ABM (Account – Based Marketing) campaign that focuses on a gathering of details information about a small number of target accounts. Collecting this information can be difficult but Luther Marketing Group is well placed to provide you with greater insight into the budget initiative within your key target accounts.


Luther Marketing Group works closely with our clients in order to identify a list of target account within their chosen marketplace. We identify the decision maker unit including recommenders and influencers within these target accounts. We obtain an opt-in for telephone, mail and email contact with each decision-maker identified and spoken to


Using a number of research techniques, we profile each of the target accounts in order to better understand their decision-making structure, key business drivers both internally and externally, details of strategically and tactical projects and gain a detailed understanding of their existing supplier relationship.


After the initial account profile stage, Luther Marketing group work with our clients to refine and the list of accounts before we proceed with a lead generation or appointment setting phase.






Market Research


Do you want to know how people feel about an event or topic? Looking at launching something new on the market?


Let Luther Marketing Group’s skilled staff conduct a market research campaign and test the market before you make a costly investment. Our team will work closely with you to tailor the research or survey in a way that will effectively gauge informative feedback.

Perhaps you have recently launched your offering a new market and would like to gain some insight into the marketplace, or understand better the awareness of your brand or even gain a deeper understanding as to what your competitors are doing.  We offer a suite of market research solutions that will meet your research needs including competitor analysis, customer-focused surveys and mystery shopping

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